Best Salsa from Cuba on Tour


30 years of innovation Cuban salsa

MANOLITO SIMONET Y SU TRABUCO formed in 1993, is one of those groups that live in concert surpass their extraordinary recordings. Of great rhythmic and sound variety, excellent execution, the Trabuco is one of the most complete and variable Latin ensembles on the planet. 

The 16 musicians under the direction of the charismatic and Cuban musician of the Year awarded pianist Manolito Simonet, regularly tour Europe, Asia, and all America. 

Manolito y su Trabuco is undoubtedly one of the most important appearances in Cuban salsa music in the last decades. From the very first moment the group managed to consecrate them and captivate an audience of all ages. After 30 years they are still one of the most popular groups in Cuba, winning several national and international awards, such as the New Comer of The Year Award of Cubadisco or the Gran Premio Cubadisco – the highest music award in Cuba. Thus, Trabuco is a permanent fixture on the Havana music billboard and all over the island and is followed by dancers all over the world. 

Manolito Simonet was for a decade pianist and musical director of Las Maravillas de Florida in his native Camagüey before forming El Trabuco in Havana. The group’s instrumentation perfectly combines the needs of contemporary Cuban music with the flavor of the best Cuban dance music ever, the Charangas – characterized by the sweet sound of violins and flutes. Although El Trabuco, constantly is creating new sonorities, they keep in its repertoire cha cha chas, mambos, boleros and old or newly created sones. 

The group bases their unique repertoire on the extraordinary songwriting skills of one the 

outstanding composers of Cuban popular music: Manolito Simonet. He is author of immortal songs such as ‘Marcando la distancia’, Todavia No’, ‘La boda de Belén’ or ‘El águila’ – chosen as Best Latin Soof the Year in 1999 by the US American ASCAP association. 

The importance of Manolito and his band gets reflected in collaborations with international artists of other genres, such as: ‘Hecho en Cuba’, recordings and concerts with the great Dominic Miller, guitarist and co-producer of Sting for more than 25 years. The 2017 production ‘Two Beats One Soul’ with selected US American R&B artists, lead by Ray Chew – musical director of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. The recordings and co-producing in 2022 of the song ‘Candela’ by pop icons Alvaro Soler and Nico Santos. 

Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco – all the great rhythms and variety of Cuban music in one band! 


Manolito Simonet – Piano, Band Leader

Gabriel Rodríguez – Vocals 

Rubén Rodríguez – Vocals 

Juan Pablo Estrada – Vocals 

Ernesto Leandro Sánchez – Bass 

Héctor Randy Olmo – Drums 

Evelio Ramos – Conga 

Jorge Luis Guerra – Güiro 

Roger Rizo – Keyboard 

Rafael Arbolaez – Trumpet 

Sergio Figueredo – Trumpet 

Osley Patridge – Trombone 

David Bencomo – Flute 

Wuilian Roblejo – Violin

Orestes Calderon – Chello