Best Salsa from Cuba on Tour


The Cuban artist of the moment

HAVANA D’PRIMERA was founded by Alexander Abreu and is undoubtedly the most important new salsa orchestra in Cuba in last 20 years. As a composer and arranger Alexander is a class of his own – he is responsible for many of the top hits in Cuba in recent time. Not only his unmistakable voice characterizes the sound of the band – Alexander is also the outstanding trumpet player of his generation. 

Starting as a musician in Paulito FG’s band, Alexander became famous overnight and has been considered since than the reference of studio trumpet players, enriching recordings from Cuban top artists. Alexander also distinguished himself from the beginning as a background singer with style-defining choruses and mambos. 

On Havana D’Primera, he ventured to the center of the stage, directly into the spotlight. Groove of the band revolves around his characteristic voice since the very first song of the debut album ‘Haciendo Historia’. The list of hits is long: from ‘Carita de Pasaporte’, ‘La Bailarina’ to ‘Al final de la vida’ and the Hmyne: ‘Me dicen Cuba’. 

Each musician in Havana D’Primera’s 15-piece lineup is among the best in their field on the sugarcane island. The band’s unique sound carries throughout the concert, providing the foundation for Alexander’s voice and stunning trumpet solos. The so unusual moment when the lead singer reaches for the trumpet laid down next to him is a magical moment. 

Alexander Abreu is one of the top stars of Cuban music. The band’s latest album ‘Se acabó’ was Grammy nominated in the winter of 2022 and seamlessly follows the previous albums showered with awards. 

Melodic, powerful, irresistibly danceable. HAVANA D’PRIMERA – the present and future of Cuban music! A must have!

‘To cut a long story short: when we arrive in Havana Airport tonight, the first thing I’ll do is head to a concert by this band.’ (Kevin Moore,


Alexander Abreu – Vocals, Trumpet, Band Leader

Amaury Pérez – Trombone 

Yoandy Argudín – Trombone 

Uyuni Martínez – Trumpet 

Lázaro Antonio González – Trumpet 

Jose Luis Hernández – Saxophone 

Yusef Díaz – Piano 

Yosvel Alexei Bernal – Keyboard, Chorus  

Enrique Luis Pérez – Chorus 

Raúl Tobías Gil – Bass 

Aniel Tamayo – Drums, Percussion

Guillermo del Toro – Congas, Percussion 

Jose Julian Morejon – Percussion 

Yaseer Mejías – Güiro 

Bruno Rogelio Nápoles – E-Guitar